The Knowledge Base Guide to Site Search Analytics

Powerful search is a key component to any successful knowledge base—not only in helping users find the content they need but also in providing support teams valuable insight about what issues users are facing. To help customer support teams get the most value out of this data, this guide addresses the following questions:
  • What percentage of users prefer to resolve support issues online?
  • How can companies design a knowledge base to satisfy a wide range of users with different needs and preferences?
  • What unique insights does user search behavior provide about customer issues?
  • How can search analytics help support teams generate new help articles?
  • What steps can support teams take to optimize their knowledge base search?

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"Over 90% of the people that visit the help center find the information they're looking for without contacting us, which means the search and browse paths are highly effective."

Deanna Horton
Content Manager

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