Customer Spotlight: The HubSpot Academy

Customer Spotlight: The HubSpot Academy

Join Swiftype and HubSpot’s Technical Program Manager David Hunt for an in-depth look at how HubSpot uses Swiftype to power their federated search experience, including a discussion of HubSpot’s approach to self-service support, a look at how they personalize support for a diverse audience, and some helpful tips and strategies for creating a great customer support experience. Other topics to be addressed will include:
  • How did HubSpot leverage Swiftype to centralize their disparate and diverse support resources?
  • How does HubSpot differentiate between in-app vs. main website support?
  • How does HubSpot expand self-service support for an international audience?
This webinar is best suited for customer support and marketing teams. To watch the on-demand session, fill out the form on the right.

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