What to Watch: Trends in AI-Powered Cloud Enterprise Search

“Seek and you will find” is not always true. Forrester Research estimates that knowledge workers can spend 30% of their time looking for information, insights, and answers. Do the math. That’s a lot of inefficiency. But it’s also a significant opportunity to increase employee productivity if search technology can streamline the process and return highly relevant results. Keyword search engines of the past are obsolete. AI-powered search is the new watchword.

Modern search engines use AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to provide contextual search and more relevant answers. The result: increased productivity across the board and sharper insights. Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Guest Speaker, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Mike Gualtieri and Swiftype CTO & Co-Founder, Quin Hoxie, for a highly interactive discussion about the trends they see with AI-powered search in the cloud.

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